Three Winter Residents Introduction

Our Finnish resident used to be a pianist focusing on contemporary repertoire and free improvisation (with silent film). More recently she has concentrated on "hands-on" political activism in Calais (France-UK border 'hotspot'), East-Turkey and Afganistan, and militant writing with a particular focus on feminist struggles and migration issues. During her stay here she would like to write up her research on the Kurdish feminist movements. As an underlying concept to all her inquiries is her notion of "care-networks", collective informal platforms that sustain and facilitate courage and imagination in near-impossible conditions. 

The second resident is a political activist from Turkey and an official delegee for HDP. He has been teaching in Kurdi-Der, underground Kurdish language schools network and writing poetry in Kurdish and Turkish.Recently belonging to a Kurdish or opposition political party became increasingly dangerous in Turkey. Our resident would like to talk about this political climate and describe the aims and challenges of the struggle within the framework of Kurdish resistance there. 

Duygu is here for a contemporary dance project with the support of Hrant Dink Foundation. She is making a research on traditional dances of Armenia and Turkey. Based on those, she will create a contemporary performance in collaboration with the ICA. Except being a contemporary dancer she is also a photographer and video maker.She will show some videos of the projects that she made before. 

Come meet our current residents at Nest Community Center who are artists and activists from Turkey and Finland. On Dec 22, 2016, they will give a little introduction of their current aims and recent/past activities.