Rebecca Sylvia Posner

Who are the shamans, folklorists, superheroes, and spiritual advisors of the contemporary world? Do they come from within a culture or from outside? How can we consciously create sacred spaces that are dictated by our own spiritual and psychological desires? 

Join us this Wednesday evening for an exploration of these questions, an introduction to the new resident of Nest Artists Residency and Community Center, and a call for collaborating artists. 

Rebecca Sylvia Posner, our new resident, is an artist and curator from Brooklyn, NY. Her recent work straddles the worlds of visual art, immersive performance, and community event production. During her 3-week stay at ICA, she is exploring the role of an artist as shaman, superhero, and healer—and seeking to connect with Yerevan-based artists whose work intersects with these ideas. 

The project at ICA will culminate as an immersive salon featuring artworks, works-in-progress, and experiments created by the artist-curator and collaborating artists. Anyone interested in learning more about the project and contributing work or ideas is invited to join for Wednesday evening’s artist’s talk and initial engagement.