Artist's Talk and Sound Performance

Edoardo Micheli is a musician, composer and performer. He was born in 1984, in a small village in the Italian Alps, and he studied Composition and Philosophy in Verona, Venice (Italy) and Würzburg (Germany). He is interested in exploring the materiality of sounds and in processes in which the performers and the listeners are pushed at the limits of their listening or performing possibilities. Furthermore, his works deal often with issues such as cultural contaminations, conflicts and transnational exchanges between cultures. 

"Canto / Hawa" for amplified blues harmonica and voice was written after a study on Sufi mystic, in particular on recordings of some Sufi songs that have been made in Aleppo in 2011, just before the beginning of the war. It is a reflection of the connection between words, sounds and religion, and on the value of spirituality in a secularized world.

“Terra Nullius, still a work in progress, was created after the overland trip from Italy to Armenia on the traces of an ancient traditional instrument shared by many different cultures within a broad geographical area. During the trip, I realized how the use of this instrument was deeply interlaced with many issues originated by globalization and migrations, such as the fear to lose one’s own cultural identity and the consequent rising of conflicts and nationalisms in the attempt to preserve traditional values and hierarchies. The performance is centred on the conflicts between the two performers, female and male, playing together a single instrument in a sort of choreography made of hands movements, acoustic and electronic sounds, singing and speech.”